What is Wikipedia and How to create an account in it?

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Do you know What is Wikipedia? If we talk about it, then it is a free encyclopaedia which is one of the most useful websites in the world available on the internet. It is used daily by crores of people together information on new and old topics and also new information can be published and edited. If someone wants to search for information on the Internet, then he must go to Wikipedia once. Because if you search anything in any search engine, then you will definitely get to see Wikipedia’s links. Now the question arises that what is Wikipedia and How to use it?

There are many such wikis all over the Internet, but the most popular of them is Wikipedia. This is a very big online encyclopaedia. There are more than crores of articles in it and thousands more added to it everyday. It is so popular that experts have also given it a place in the top 100 websites of the world. Despite having such a big online free source like Wikipedia, if people do not know how to use it then the matter will be very complicated. So today I thought why not provide complete information about what is Wikipedia and How to create an account in it, so that you will know about this subject. Then without further delay let’s begin.

What is Wikipedia?

It is a free, open content online encyclopedia created by the collaborative effort of many users. So what is such a community user called? The answer is Wikipedians. These are the people who take their time and prepare content according to their expertise. Along with this, if any improvement is needed in any article, then that too is done by these people. Wikipedia is not the work of any one person, but people from all corners of the world are connected to it and add their knowledge to it.


If any person is registered in this site, then he can also publish it by creating an article in it. The name of this site comes from a server program called Wiki that enables anyone to edit website content from their web browser. Many people are constantly trying to improve Wikipedia, for which they are constantly making changes in the articles. All these changes are recorded in article histories and recent changes.

What does Wikipedia mean?

It stands for an open encyclopaedia that is being edited by contributors from all over the world. It is a multilingual, web-based open content knowledge base project. The word Wikipedia is derived from two words- Wiki and encyclopaedia. Wiki was first introduced like a lexicon by a computer programmer, his name was word Cunningham and this is from the year 1995. This thing happened when he created a collaborative software called WikiWikiWeb. Wiki is a Hawaiian meaning ‘fast’ quick or in English immediately. We keep means “a website that allows anyone to add, delete or revise any content, that too using a web browser.”

Who is the founder of Wikipedia?

The founders of Wikipedia are Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales. Wikipedia was started on January 15, 2001. It was Sanger who named it.

Why Wikipedia is so popular?

The main reason why Wikipedia is so popular is that it is very easy to use, while there is a lot of simplicity in its core. The meaning of saying simplicity is that it is very easy to use it like doing email or blogs. Like these Wikis also work in a very simple and accessible way. It allows people to come in its edit section, while they can make necessary changes according to their expertise. But these changes will be published in the site only when a moderator checks their authenticity and allows them. That’s all. It is also easy to read, edit and publish. Everyone wants to use it. Wherein if you want, you can add any new things that you should keep thinking about.

How does Wikipedia work?

If you want to understand how wikipedia works, then you have to understand how its community works. Its community resides at the core of Wikipedia itself. Millions of people visit Wikipedia every month, and all of them together make up the community of Wikipedia. All those people come to the Wikipedia site they play a character of their own. For example,

1. Most of the people who visit Wikipedia a readers only. They especially come to Wikipedia to read articles.
2. Some people who come to Wikipedia become writers here. They either make necessary changes in the existing article or write a new article which is not already in Wikipedia.
3. Whereas some people become editors. If they see any error in a page while reading, then only then they correct it. If they can make a small change in some place, then do it at the same time.
4. Some people who have been continuously contributing to the Wikipedia community for a long time.

Wikipedia also provides administrator privileges. With these privileges, they can do many things like deleting and undeleting pages, blocking and unblocking IP addresses etc. Writers, editors and admins all work together, so that they can solve almost all the problems, because such problems are common in an open platform like Wikipedia. At the same time together they also write good and excellent indepth articles.

What is Wikipedia’s community tools?

Once you have made the necessary changes, you can click on ‘history’ in the tabs at the top of the article. Here you see the entry of the change made by you, that too on which page (where your IP address is also if you have submitted it and anomously) all these things are recorded in the system. At the same time, the list of all changed pages is also compiled and kept in recent changes page. Anyone can see at any time which pages have been changed.

What is Wikipedia’s watchlist?

Wikipedia has an even more personal tool called a watchlist. So let’s now know how it works:

Let’s assume that you have created a new article topic in Wikipedia, and at the same time you have also made some important changes in an article. Once you have done this then it may happen that you have some attachment to that article, or some interest. Then in such a situation, you would like to know what is the reaction of the people on it and who is making changes in it. If you want to know this thing, then you have to add that page to watchlist, from this you will get notification every time there is a change in it.

Services provided by Wikipedia

In addition to its encyclopedia in Wikipedia, the non-profit Wikipedia foundation also maintains other open-content projects, including:

1. Wiktionary- A dictionary and thesaurus.
2. Wikibooks- A collection of all free texts and other books.
3. Wikiquote- A collection of quotations.
4. Wikisource- A collection of all open source documents.
5. Wikiversity- A collection of all free learning materials.
6. Wikispecies- A directory of all species.
7. Meta-Wiki- All of them coordinate with other projects.


1. Who writes articles on Wikipedia?
Ans. Wikipedia is an open source platform powered by Wiki Software. This means that anyone who runs the Internet can write articles on Wikipedia.

2. How many languages is in Wikipedia?
Ans. Today, Wikipedia is available in 303 languages.

3. What is the difference between Wikipedia and Google?
Ans. Google is a search engine that provides search results to the users. Wherein Wikipedia is a website, in which information about certain subjects is provided.

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