What is FaceApp and How to use it?

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Do you know What is FaceApp? Have you seen your future face being shared on social media? If yes then you must be surprise that how someone can bring the photo of your future in the present time. But there is no need to be surprised because at present there is an app which can easily make you old and any old person young. Yes friends the smartphone app I am referring to is none other than FaceApp. Which app can make your face age? The answer is FaceApp. FaceApp is a free app for your iPhone and Android that using artificial Intelligence can digital change your photos that are uploaded to it.

This app has become very viral in recent times due to its unique features. At the same time this app makes full use of artificial intelligence. If you also want to enjoy something in your spare time then FaceApp can be a great option for you. Along with this, you can also make fun of your friends by sending their photos. The best thing is that you do not have to pay any money to use this app so this app is present on number one in about 121 countries. Its demand is high not only in Android but also in iOS, where some concerns have arisen regarding this app about which we are going to know further. Therefore, in view of the increasing popularity and security concerned I thought that why not you should be provided complete information about what is FaceApp and how to use it so that you also know everything related to this app.


What is FaceApp?

It is a photo morphin app. It uses Artificial Intelligence and neural face transformations for processing photos. Using these, pictures can be made more creepy, hilarious, weird, strange with the help of filters. This app can either use photos from your phone library or you can take photos yourself using this app. If you have a huge photo library on your phone then you can also use this app to select your photos from those photos and this app selects only those apps which have your feature faces. This app adds filters to your photos using artificial intelligent so that you can look as you want that is old, young, laughing face etc. At the same time, you can also do makeup any face in it, such as applying beard, moustache, etc. At the same time you can easily share these pictures everywhere.

In which platforms is FaceApp available?

FaceApp is currently available only on Android and iOS platforms.

FaceApp belongs to which country and when was it created?

This Face App is a Russian developed app which is made in Russia itself. It was made in the year 2017. By using this you can make the face of a young boy older and old boy’s face younger. Apart from this if you want you can change the gender of anyone in there display picture. Not only this, you can also bring smile on someone’s face and can also change their makeup according to your own.

Are there any filters in FaceApp?

Yes friends, Filter is being used for changing your face in FaceApp. Let us know about some such popular filters:

Smile:- With the help of this filter you can bring a smile on your face in your photo.
Young:- By using this filter you can make the face younger.
Old:- By using this filter you can make the face older.
Female:- With this filter you can bring female features on the face.
Male:- With this filter you can bring male features on the face.

How to download FaceApp?

If you want, you can easily download Face App for any of your operating system whether Android or iOS platform. To download you can do this directly from their official download platform.

1. FaceApp iOS App
2. FaceApp Android App

Downloading this app is as easy as downloading any other App. You just have to type FaceApp in App Store or Play Store and immediately the link of that app will appear in front of you.

How to use FaceApp?

Using FaceApp is very easy. Its interface is very simple, which gives you the facility to edit both the photos that you take from the camera app and old photos that were already in your phone. It is very easy to edit both, which can be done from the home screen of FaceApps. You can click on ‘All Photos’ which is located at the bottom of the screen to select a photo and then you have to line up your face with the position of the face in the app. The image is taken from the camera which is located within the app.

Whichever image you select, it starts with the filter called original, but if you scroll to the right, you have more options like Smiles, Smiles 2, Spark, Old, Young, Female and Male. With both the smile option, it opens up your mouth and insert some teeth into it, while with Spark, it smooths your skin tone. Wherein it gives you more masculine and feminine features than male and female options. The most funny option in this year old and young, where in old your face is made wrinkles, dull face while in young your faces given the look of a child. Wherein if you scroll left and then you get to see other options to so that you make GIFs and collages of your photos and if you want you can also show of my making a collage of multiple edited pictures and share it on social media.

How to share FaceApp photos?

Once you have created your desired picture by using all the filters of Face App correctly, then you will see sharing icons below the picture. Whereas the down facing arrow which is located at the bottom allows you to download your picture, along with that you also get other option so that if you want you can post your photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. At the same time there is another option so that you can share the photo in other apps like WhatsApp and messaging platform as well.

What is the cost of FaceApp?

By the way FaceApp is a free app in a single in-app purchase. But if you buy it with money then you also get some features and filters. With this the whole app goes ad free. Its paid version costs $3.99. Let’s know about the features of paid FaceApp.

1. Ad-free: You will not get to see more ads in this paid app.
2. No watermarks: You have the option to remove FaceApp watermark.
3. Face Selection: In photos which have more than one face or multiple faces, you can choose which face you want to FaceApp’d.
4. Priority photo processing: When you are using the app, then you get server-side processing which is quite slow if many people are using the app simultaneously.

Wherein with $3.99 purchase you get a “dedicated server cluster for faster photo processing”. In other words, your photos get VIP treatment when you send them for processing and it is also very fast. While paying for apps, you have to go to the settings section of the app and press the buy button. This app will redirect you again to Google Play Store or App Store so that you can  complete your purchase.


1. What is FaceApp?
Ans. It is a photo morphin app. It uses Artificial Intelligence and neural face transformations for processing photos.

2. Which country created FaceApp?
Ans. Russia

3. When was FaceApp created?
Ans. 2017.

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