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There will be many people among you must have used WhatsApp but perhaps you do not know about What is Telegram? Yes friends just like WhatsApp Telegram is also a messaging app. You can use it to chat with your friends and relatives just like WhatsApp. But there are some features in it and make it better than WhatsApp. By the way, the functions of Telegram messengers are almost like all messengers, but people like it more for some features and more security.


WhatsApp used to charge 0.99 for using it services, Telegram is free from the beginning and will always be so, according to its founders. It would not be wrong to say that Telegram has given a new direction to the world of instant messaging. There used to be some limited features in WhatsApp, then Telegram has given it tough competition to WhatsApp by coming in the market. It has become more popular due to its excellent features so I thought that why don’t you people get complete information about What is Telegram App and How to download it?

What is Telegram?

It is a could-based instant messaging service. This is such a messenger through which you can chat online with your family and friends like you do in WhatsApp messenger. You can say that this is a very big alternative to WhatsApp. It is available in all platform such as Android, IOS and telegram for PC etc. Telegram is very easy to use, reliable and safe and secure as compared to its competitors. It is an Instant Messaging and Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol) service (Mobile and PC app) based on cloud. Here cloud means that the data of your Telegram app is stored in telegrams server instead of device. There are many features in telegram that differentiate it from others such as Telegram groups, channel, bots, stickers etc.

History of Telegram

Do you want to know who is the inventor of Telegram? If I talk about the history of this Messenger App then it was first launched in 2013 by two brothers Nikolai and Pavel. If I talk about there earlier achievements, then both of them had earlier launched Russian Social Network VK, later they left VK when it was acquired by mail.ru group.


While talking about Telegram, NiKolai Dhrov has created the MTProto protocol, which is the basis of the messenger, while Pavel provided financial support and infrastructure in this project from his Digital Fortress fund, in which he is a partner of Axel Neff and who later he also became a second co-founder. Telegram messenger says that their main objective is not to make profit, so they have made it like a non-profit organisation. If I talk about different platforms, then Telegram was launched on 14 August 2013 for IOS and on 20 October 2013 for android phones. It is more liked by Android user than IOS.

Telegram App belongs to which country?

There was a time when people were asking a lot about the question of which country the Telegram App belongs to. Because at that time someone had run a nasty campaign in WhatsApp that “WhatsApp” is not an Indian app and Indians should use Telegram messengers because Telegram is completely Indian. People accepted this news without thinking and started and uninstalling WhatsApp and installing Telegram in its place. Later, it came to light that it was a well- planned conspiracy to destroy WhatsApp. As a result Telegram became more popular in India in a very short time.

Now let’s know the true story of Telegram in India. Telegram’s team (office) is currently located in Dubai, but this app is from Russia. Telegram team had to leave Russia due to some local IT regulations. Before going to Dubai, he had tried when he places including Berlin, London and Singapore. Whereas for your information, let us tell you that even though both of those brothers are from Russia, but still they both made their non-profit company in Germany, so officially it is a German company.

Features of Telegram App

As I have already told you about some features of Telegram App, now let’s know about some other important security features of it. From this you will know why Telegram Messenger is such a secure app.

1. Secret Chat

It has the facility of secret chat, where you can destroy your chats, where you can destroy your chats when your conversation is over and if you want, you can also delete them automatically, for which you have to set a time.

2. Encryption

Where other messaging apps have only 2 layers of encryption, Telegram has 3 layers of encryption which makes it more secure than others.

3. Password

You can set password on this App here.

4. Protocol

Telegram uses MTProto protocol to encrypt the data of its users.

5. It can be used simultaneously in multiple devices.

6. Apart from this, there are many other features like Cloud data storage and end-to-end encryption by request etc.

Web- Version, Linux, Desktop etc. are available.
Mobile App- Talking about Mobile Versions, then you can download the Telegram app from Android’s Play store, iOS’s AppStore and Windows’ Apps.
Desktop App- In Desktop also, you can easily download software for its Windows, Mac and Linux by visiting it’s official website. Let’s now know how to download telegram download for pc.
Telegram Web- If I talk about Web Browsers, then you can download and use the web version of any browser. Telegram web version. One of its great features is that you can use it on multiple devices simultaneously.

What is Telegram Channel?

Like other applications, Telegram Channels is a very important reason why most people download and use this app. From these channels, all users can easily read news, watch analytics, learn investing strategies and get good information. Nowadays Telegram Channels have become a very good place to get maximum information on a particular topic. It is better than internet, Facebook pages and even Instagram pages in terms of knowledge. Because here you get researched information in abridged form. For which you do not have to waste much time in research. Especially for this reason Telegram Channels is a very best feature of Telegram Messenger.

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