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Sometimes we heard the name of the server because when ever we go to the bank for any kind of banking work, sometimes we get to hear that the server is down, the server is not working. After all What is Server? What is the work of Server? The answer to such question is given in detail in this article. The word server is a very important word in the world of computer technology, because without server it is not possible to exchange any kind of data. As we all know that nowadays the banking system is working completely online. All the data of all the customers is kept somewhere online where all the details kept in the same place, the same technology, the same system is known as the server.

What is Server?

Server is a kind of computer that provide service to other computers and users. It can be a computer or hardware device or a computer program that is loaded into the computer so that it can send it data and information to other computers. The job of the server is to serve the users of the internet, that is to give the users all the information that they want to know.

Like we watch videos in YouTube or we search any information by going to the web browser of our device, then whatever result we get to see on our device, the data of the website or channel is stored somewhere or the other. The server provides us on sending a request. Google is the world’s largest search engine, from where we can get as much data we want, then Google give us all the data by bringing it from the servers of different websites.

It is just like a computer and there are many servers of different capacities in the world. If we install a server program in a normal laptop for computer, then that computer will also work like a server, we also call such servers as non-dedicated servers because they are not meant to work 24 hours a day. Non dedicated servers are used at places like home, schools, colleges, hospitals, offices etc. which we also call local network.


But there are also some computers which remain operational 24×7 and serve other computers, we call such computer dedicated servers. These computers are very expensive and they have a high quality and high speed processor and RAM. Whatever we search in Google with the help of internet, we get the result from dedicated service only.

How does the server work?

For example, let me tell you that suppose you want to watch a video on YouTube, then you type the name of that video and the search box of YouTube and search it. So it is generated in the form of a request and this request goes through the internet to YouTube’s server where all its data is stored. There, the server finds the video requested by you and send its data to your device, due to which you can watch that video. All the work we do from the internet like downloading a file, browsing, sending mail, using social networking sites, apart from this the server help us in all the things we do and reaches us.

History of Server

The main contribution of the server in making the internet successful is because the work of the internet is that where all the data is kept in a computer, if that data is searched anywhere on any computer through the internet then that data can be accessed. The history of the server is also not very old. After the internet came into the world, the server was also manufactured by different companies.

Types of Server

1. Web

Web server is a server on which the web pages of any website are stored on the server, which stores the data and when it is searched by the user, than it delivers that data to the user’s computer. 

2. Database

A server that receives the data and makes the data available on the user’s computer when requested by the user, such a server is known as database. Microsoft SQL server or MySQL software is used to store and deliver data to the database server. This is a server where the database server  restored, which can a contain completed data of any organization, which may contain data related to the organization or data of any other employee, such data is kept on the database server.

3. File

A server is a server where files are installed through the internet. Every day thousands of millions of files are sent from one computer to another through the internet. As many files are there only file server is used for installation. To manage all the files that are transferred from one computer to another, through a network and internet. The process of file transfer is completed through the File Transfer Protocol.

4. Proxy

Different types of requests are sent to the server by different users on the Internet or different types of things are searched, for which proxy server is required to complete. The work of the proxy server is done by the users and acting as a gateway between the internet. When a user requests any kind of service, than a proxy server is used to make it easier. For example, network connection sharing through proxy server, network data field, ring data catching etc. works as a mediator between external servers.

5. Mail

Today everyone uses email through the internet, mail is sent by someone to someone, which is stored on some server or the other, which is used to install the mail server. Because whenever we send a mail, it is first sent to the mail server, after that the mail goes to the user to whom it has been sent, but in the middle that mail is sent to the mail server. To complete this mail completely, the work of sending and receiving, this done using simple mail transfer protocol.

6. Chat

There are many such applications, there are websites where online chat is done by users. During that time all kinds of text messages or any kind of data shared between users is stored in the chat server. All the types of messages or video shared by users all the data stored on the chat server itself.

7. News

Whenever any kind of information related to news is searched on the Internet, to get this information first of all searched data is requested to the new server and from their the information related to it send to that users.

Benefits of Server

1. By creating your own server, you will not have to buy hosting from any hosting company.
2. You will be able to keep all the data of your website on your hosting server.
3. Ig you can keep your hosting server computer running 24×7 then you can also provide hosting service to others.
4. You can easily make a backup of all the data of your website in your server.
5. To use your computer as a server computer, it has to be very powerful and equipped with other features.


1. What is Server?
Ans. Server is a kind of computer that provide service to other computers and users.

2. What are the types of Server?
Ans. Web, Database, File, Proxy, Mail, FTP, Application, Chat, News, Fax, Personal.

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