What is Likee App and How to make video on it?

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Do you know What is Likee App? In the recent past, you must have seen many such videos going viral on social media, in which you must have seen people lip-syncing the dialogues of films. At the same time, you must have seen some such videos in which many effects like superpowers and magic effects are used. Do you know that Likee App funny videos are used to make such videos. Now the question has arisen that what is Likee App? How to download it? How to use it? and so on. If many such questions are arising in your mind about How to increase like in Likee App? then definitely read today’s article.

You must be feeling that some professional video editor or high quality software must have been used for all these amazing effects. But it is not like that at all. Yes friends, all of you can also do all these things. All of you can also make such amazing videos, while you can use all such magical effects. With this, you can also surprise people and by using your creativity, you can make many such animation movies like videos. You must be wondering how one can do all these things in videos. The answer is Likee App. By using this app, you can also make funny videos like this and show your creativity to people.


What is Likee App?

It is a short video creation platform that allows users to create short creative videos. At the same time, with the help of their profile, they can also create, share and explore in likee platform. At the same time, by showing your creativity, you can gain millions of followers, due to which your publicity will increase. This popular short video app provides you a very easy platform in which you can create unique, entertaining videos. At the same time you can also use many different special effects and stickers to make it more effective. Apart from this, even if you are viewer, you can explore and discover all the latest trending videos in it. That’s why Likee All provides a lot of features for both creators and viewers.

On which Platforms is the Likee App Available?

It is currently available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

In how many languages is the Likee App  available?

It is available in about 10 different languages such as Tamil, English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Gujrati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi. At the same time, they constantly want to integrate new languages with their platform.

What was the former name of Likee App?

The former name of Likee App was LIKE Video App.

Who created Likee App and when did it start?

It has been created by a Singapore- based company BIGO Technology. It has been re-branded its shot video app LIKE and named it Likee and also the name of its publisher is BIGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Likee App has been started a few years ago but at that time it was not that popular, but with time it is also slowly becoming as popular as Tik Tok.

Features of Likee App?

1. Brand new makeup + Micro Surgery features, which gives you the best makeup in a few seconds.

2. A tool in which you get a lot of special effects, thousands of stickers and magical emoticons etc.

3. Cutting-edge Music Magic filter, so that you can create exclusive Music Videos with a special effects.

4. Smart features such as hair colour, 4D, Magic, Superpowers, which help you shoot blockbuster videos from your phone.

5. Supreme, the fastest production tool that turns your photos into blockbuster movies, that to within seconds.

6. Video dubbing, in which there is a collection of dubbing scripts of many popular movies, so that you can become the star of any movie.

7. You can get enough information from new and high-quality original video content.

8. An innovating magical LIVE broadcasting platform, in which you can get to see a unique interactive gameplay and gift effects.

9. With the ‘Nearby’ feature you can meet new friends in your locality.

10. A global short video creation platform, where all creators have equal chances to increase their popularity and together you can get billion video views, wherein you can soon become an internet sensation.

How to download Likee App?

By the way, you can download this app either from Google Play Store or from Apple App store. Lets know today how you can download it in your Android Phone.

1. First open the Play Store on your mobile type in it Likee App. Download Likee App.
2. Now Likee App will appear in front of you.
3. Which you have to click and install.
4. Once installed, you can open it and use it.

How to create an account in Likee App?

1. If you also want to create an account in Likee App, then first of all you have to download this app in your phone. Only after that you can create an account in Likee App.

2. After downloading the Likee App, when you open it, you will first see the option to select the language. Where you can select your favourite language after that confirm it as well.

3. Now you will be asked for your phone number, where you have to enter your 10 digit phone number. Where as you will have to click on the option of Sign Up/ Log In with phone.

4. Now an OTP code will come on your entered mobile number, which you have to fill in the verification box and then click on confirm.

5. Now you will see the message of Account Created Successfully in front of you.


1. How to create ID of Likee App?
Ans. Once you have installed Likee App on your phone, you have to sign up in it using your phone number and email ID. When you complete your registration process, then your Likee App ID will be ready.

2. What is the meaning of Diamonds and Beans in Likee App?
Ans. Diamonds are gifts like roses. Beans are US Dollars.

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