What is Internship- Types, Benefits & Tips

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Nowadays every student is studying in college knows about internship. Any students who studies in college must have heard about internship at some time at the other. In this article we will tell you what is internship, how to do internship, how to get internship. To get a good job in any field you must have personality communication skills and experience along with degree. In whatever field you want to do the job you should have the information and skills related to it. The most important thing is that you should have experience working in that field. Internship is the best way for any student to get work experience. So let’s know what are the types of internship, how to get it and what are the benefits of it.

What is Internship?

The meaning of Internship is ‘apprenticeship’. This is a Short Term Work Experience, which give by any company or organization to students and other trainees. There are many courses in which internship is compulsory like engineering BBA, MBA, MBBS etc. Internship is done in the final year of the course. After doing this, you have to make a report i.e. internship report and submit it to your college or university. You have to give many types of information in the internship report, on the basis of which you get marks for it. The information you have to give in the internship reporter as follows:-

1. Information about the company or organization it which internship is done.
2. What were the responsibilities you were given during internship.
3. What did you learn in internship.
4. Certificate given by company or organization.

What are the types of Internship?

There are many types of Internships. Let us know how many types of internships are there and what are their features-

1. Summer Internship

This is a very popular internship. This happens during the summer vacation. Students can do it easily without worrying about studies. This internship is both part time and full time. This can be done from one month to three months.

2. Paid Internship

This internship is mostly available in big private companies and Organizations. Here you get money for doing internship, which is called stipend. This stipend is not much. But it happened so much that you can easily withdraw it from your pocket expenses.

3. Unpaid Internship

You will get this internship it any organization because you do not get money in this. You get Work Experience in doing  unpaid internship. Getting such a internship is very easy. It is mainly found in Non-profit Organizations. Apart from this, you can also get unpaid internship in some university, hospital.


4. Virtual Internship

You can easily do the internship sitting at home. It is also called Remote Internship. Such internships are mostly done online. Virtual internships also includes doing internship through phone call.

5. Work Research

This type of internship is done by the students of the final year, in which the intern has to do research on the company or organization in which is doing the internship. After doing research, you have to prepare a report of it which is called Research Report.

Benefits of Internship

There are many benefits of doing an internship. Let’s know what are the benefits of doing internship-

1. Self-confidence will increase

You get to know many things while doing internship. During this you meet new people and learn new things. After doing it you get money and certificate, after which you are completely ready to do the job due to which your confidence increases.

2. Having the knowledge of Work Environment

There is a lot of difference between the environment of the college class and the environment of any company. You have lived in the class environment but to do the job, it is very important for you to learn to live in the work environment of the company. You can learn this through your internship. Here you learn how to work, under whom to work, how to talk to seniors, how the boss behaves etc. If you learn all these things during your internship then you do not face any problem while doing the job. In this way you get knowledge of work environment.

3. Having Work Experience

It is very important to have work experience to get a good job in any field. Work experience is available only through internship. If you do work experience mention in your resume or CV then it is considered a plus point and your chance of getting a job increases.

4. Earning opportunity

You can also earn money by doing Pate internship which is called is stipend. With this money, you can take out your pocket expenses and also full fill the rest of your needs.

5. Clarity regarding Career

There is a lot of confusion in choosing a career for any student. This confusion ends only when you work in that field. By doing internship you get clarity about your career.

6. Learning New Skills

While doing internship, you get to know your strength and weaknesses. In this you get feedback from your seniors and those who work with you, so that you can improve your work. During the internship, you can find out what is skills you need to learn to improve our work and then work on it.

How to get Internship?

Some easy ways to get internship are given below. Let’s know how you will get an internship easily:-

1. Find Internship Online

There are many internships that you can do sitting at home. Online internship is also something similar. We can find online internship sitting at home and can also do sitting at home. There are many websites available to find online internships. With its help you can do it.

2. Get help from college or university

If you are studying in a college or university, then you will not have to worry much to find an internship. Because in big colleges and universities, companies themselves come to higher interns. The person who comes to hire an intern from any company or organizations, they take a small interview with you. If you pass the interview then you get a chance to do internship in that company or organization.

3. Apply in the company

If you do not get a chance to do internship from college university, then you can apply yourself to do internship in any company or organization. To find internship by yourself, you have to find such a company or organization related to your stream which is giving internship opportunity. When you find such a company apply for an internship in it.

Websites to find Internship

1. internshala.com
2. In.Linkedin.com
3. www.letsintern.com
4. stumagz.com
5. glassdoor.co.in

Tips of Internship

1. Keep Professional Behaviour

While doing internship, most of the students consider internship as draining for only a few days, due to which some unprofessional behaviour sits there. But internship is not just training program, but it is also an opportunity to get a permanent job in that company. That’s why you have to pay attention to your professional behaviour while doing it.

2. Understand the Work Environment

The environment of every company is different. Therefore the intern should take care of the work environment of the company. By understanding and knowing the environment of the company, you will be able to create a good rapport with the interns like you and the employees working there.

3. Don’t pay too much attention to money

Some people to internship just to earn money. But internship is done for work experience more than money. So that you have experience of working in that field and your skills are good. Therefore, while doing internship we should not pay much attention to stipend and should do internship for work experience.

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