What is Google Play Store and How to create an account?

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Do you know What is Google Play Store? The simple answer to this is that it is Google’s Android Market place. Users also know it by the name of Google’s Official Store. This is a portal where Android apps, games and other digital content are available for your Android-powered phone, tablet or Android TV device. Just like Apple has their Apps store, Google also has there Google Play Store. This is very big market place that offers a lot of content to this users, but there is nothing to worry, because we are going to clear all your doubts through this article.

As I have already told that you can easily find all digital products in Google Play Store. Be it Apps, Books, Music, Games whatever it may be. All these things are kept categorized there, so that the users do not have any problem to find something. So today I thought that why not you should be given complete information about Google Play Store which all Android users must know. Let’s start and know what is Google Play Store and why is it so important? Along with this, you will also get to know some more information related to it.

What is Google Play Store?

You can call Google Play Store a big Google umbrella that completely covers Android’s App store which includes games. It also includes Google play music, books, movies and TV and Google play News stands with apps. In this you can manually download and install all the apps in your Android device for your information. Let me tell you that these apps or any other digital products which are listed here are either free or paid. Means you can download some Apps freely and to use some you have to pay money.


All the services are not available in every country, because it depends on the company that in which country they make the items available. But it has been heard that Google wants that it is constantly working on it and very soon all the products and services of Play Store will be globalized, so that people all over the world can use them.

What is the need of Google Play Store?

If you are planning to install any new apps, games or any other content in your Android device, then for this it is very important to know about this. Yes but there are other ways as well like you can download them from Amazon App Store as well. Nevertheless, Google Play is the official store and it is truly the best way to safely download and install an app on your Android device. From time to time we need different apps or any other things for different things like games, apps, books, music, TV shows, movies. In such a situation, Google Play Store provides us market place to download any product as per our requirement. With this we can easily full fill our requirements.

How to Sign Up Play Store?

After all, how to create an account on Play Store? Signing Up in Google Play Store is very easy. If you already have a Google account then you can open your Play Store account, from the same or you will need a Google or Gmail account to download anything from there. If it is not downloading in your Play Store, then for that you will have to login there. A Google account is required to use all Google products. All you have to do is enter your email id and password in your Gmail account. After that you will be able to download easily from there.

How to change country in Google Play Store?

If you are shifting from one country to another then it is also very important to change the Play Store, but there are some steps to do this process which you have to follow and about which we will discuss later. If country A is set in your Play Store and when you shift to another country, then play store detects with the help of your IP address that you have moved to country B. Due to which you will get to see a new option in Account Settings: Country and Profiles. This was after really moving to another country in official way. On the other hand if you want to change Google Play Store country without going to any other country then you have to follow the step mentioned below:


First of all install FREE VPN Proxy App (Hola).


Now you have to clear the Cache and Data stored by Google Play Store. To do this you can do this
Settings- Applications- Application Manager- Google Play Store- Storage- Clear Data- Delete.


Then, open that installed App (VPN) and click on “Google Play Store App” which is visible on the list of Apps. After this select the country of your choice.


Your work is over. Now your country has changed.


Now you can go to Google and search for your favourite apps and install them, which was not accessible earlier.

How to rank your app in Google Play Store?

By the way, there is no such procedure in Google Play Store regarding the ranking of apps officially. But yes there are definitely some such tips and tricks by using which you can get your apps ranked in Google Play Store. So let’s know about some such aspects by which you can bring apps up in the list of Play Store.

1. Quantity of downloads.
2. App quality.
3. How frequently users are interacting with the app.
4. How much are uninstalls.
5. Numbers and quality of rating as well as comments.
6. Countries.
7. Keyword density.
8. Social ‘proof’- This means that how many times you have got + 1s in Google Plus or you also get like/share in Facebook.
9. Number of Backlinks.
10. Prepare the design of your apps keeping all the devices in mind.
11. Title is a very important piece of information.
12. Make sure to choose keywords in your product description, this gives them an Optimization boost.
13. In the outline page, developers should give the message of the app properly so that users can know about it in advance.
14. Screenshots that you are about to attach with your app should be of high resolution and should be more attractive so that they can we share as much as possible.
15. Take the right advantage of Android’s Ad inventory.

What are the differences between Google Play Store and Google Play Services?

Google Play Store and Google Play services, both services are provided by Google. Most of the people get confused due to the similar names of these two services and start considering both of them to be the same and together Google Play services was not required so much earlier. That’s why people do not know much about it after its launch, users have to download Google Play services to use many games and apps, many people did not digest this thing because earlier Google Play services was not required and suddenly why it is much needed so much.

By the way, both the apps actually need a streamline Android functionality, as they both have different functions. Where Google Play Store as the name suggest is a digital store where people can buy all apps and Google Play services games, movies, books etc. Once purchased they can be downloaded from Play Store to your Android devices. Whereas Google Play Services something different. It is actually a proprietary background service that allows apps and other services to connect and communicate with each other. Basically, they allow Google to link your Google accounts and apps by services by which they saved data and games by linking the account in their server with other information.

Google Play services allows the phone to communicate between different versions of Android and also allows the users to use new features and security fixes without having the latest version of Android. It is also used to update Google Apps and other apps. Where Google Play services does almost everything in Android phone but it works in the background without taking any input from users. Whereas Google Play Store is a big marketplace and provide services to the users according to their needs. Users can access apps and other things using Play Store when they need it.

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