What is Google Drive and How to use it?

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Google Drive is a free cloud-based storage service that allows users to store and access files online. With this service, users can store documents, photos and other data on their devices in the cloud. Its best feature is its speed which means you can do the process of uploading and downloading very fast in it. You can also consider Google drive as a cloud storage.

There are many features in this drive such as uploading files, creating folders, sharing files or  making files publicly available, syncing desktop and smartphone clients etc. It integrates easily with other Google services and systems including- Google Docs, Gmail, Android, Chrome, YouTube, Google Analytics. ,That’s why today I thought you people should be provided some information about What is Google Drive? So that you can get to know about it in the true sense.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a free service that was launched by Google for users on April 24, 2012. It allows users to store files online and access them from any corner of the world and that too with the help of cloud. In addition, it gives you access to many free web-based applications that allowed you to do many things such as creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations and many more. Google Drive allows its users to store files on their servers, to synchronise those files across devices, and to share files together. Google released its iOS app in June 2012. If we talk about the competitors of Google Drive, then it competes with big giants like Microsoft, OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Box Dropbox and SugarSync.


Why should we use Google Drive?

It is one of the very popular cloud storage services nowadays. It provides up to 15 gigabytes (15 GB) of free storage space to all users. If you have not yet used any cloud-based storage services such as Google Drive, then you must definitely understand the advantages of online storage once. This is because the user can access these files anywhere and at any time from his computer, only internet connection is required. Storing it in Drive solves many of our problems, such as emailing files and saving them in a USB drive, etc. Apart from this, Drive also provides you the facility to easily share files with other people.

Features of Google Drive

Although there are many features of Google Drive, but here we will know about some of the best features.

1. Easy Access

By logging in to Google Drive you can easily access files on any device, be it Computer, Laptop or your Smartphone. With this, if you want, you can share those files to others well as well. In this, they can access as much as access functionality as you provide to them.

2. Free Space

All devices have a storage limit, whether it is a desktop computer or your smartphone, after a time when your data starts increasing, then you start missing space, but due to the cloud storage of Google Drive, you do not have to worry about space. No need to worry ever. Because in this you can easily save all your important documents whether it is Photos, Videos, Documents, Files, you can save them any Google Drive. It provides up to 15 GB of free storage to all users, which is enough for a common user. If you want more space then you have to take some subscription plan.

3. Google Forms

This is an application of Drive, it is used to take survey with which if you want, you can collect information by surveying on any topic. They can be used properly to register an event or function.

4. Inbuilt Apps

In Google Drive, you can create any type of Docs just like in Microsoft Office. In which is Spreadsheets, Slides, Forms, Presentation are the main ones.

5. Platforms

No matter what platform you are using, Google Drive’s application is available in all platform’s weather it is Web-based, Android, iOS Windows version.

What is the Subscription Price of Google Drive?

1. In this, 15GB storage and all the features are absolutely free.
2. Then $1.99/month is the 100GB storage.
3. $9.99/month is for 1TB storage.
4. $99.99/month is for 10TB storage.
5. At the same time G Suite accounts are also included which is $5/month per users.

Which files can be created in Google Drive?

It does not only store your files, but with its help you can create, share and manage many using its productivity apps. If you have ever work with a suit like Microsoft Office before you will notice the same similarity with Google Drive’s apps. Let’s know about its other productivity apps.

1. Documents: It is used to compose letters, flyers, essays, and other text-based files which are similar to Microsoft Word documents.
2. Spreadsheets: It is used to store and organize information. It is similar to Microsoft Excel workbooks.
3. Presentation: It is used to create slideshow. It is similar with Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.
4. Forms: It is used to collect and organize data.
5. Drawings: It is used to create simple vector graphics and diagrams.

How to take backup from Google Drive?

Now let’s know how to take backup from the Drive.


First of all, you have to open the Google Drive service app, in which you have to set up your Gmail account properly.


After setting up Google Mail, you will find the + icon in the bottom right corner of Google Drive, you have to click on it.


Clicking on it will give you some options, let’s know about it-

(a) Folder

If you want to make a Folder in Google Drive, then by clicking on that Folder Icon, you can create a Folder, rename it and upload any files like photos, documents, videos in it.

(b) Upload

On the other hand, if you want to upload a file directly to Google Drive, then you can upload files directly by clicking on the upload button.

(c) Scan

If you have to upload any documents, then first scan the documents, keep in mind that the documents should be correct and clear. To scan, you have to click on the Scan button which the user can scan the document.


1. What is Google Drive used for?
Ans. It is a free cloud-based storage service that enables users to store and access files online. The services syncs documents, photos and more stored across users’ devices including Mobile Devices, Tablets and PCs.

2. What is Google Drive an example of?
Ans. It is a file storage and archiving service created by Google. It allows us to keep file secure online, share files, edit documents, spreadsheets and presentation with collaborators.

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