What is Facebook Watch and How to earn money from it?

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Do you know What is Facebook Watch? Why Facebook Watch so much famous nowadays? To get all these information, you can read this article completely. Recently Facebook has started its new Video Streaming Services. It has also given a good challenge to other competitors such as Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix and finally Facebook has also finally stepped into this video streaming game. There is a very good news for the content creators of Social Media.

This is great news especially for YouTubers because Facebook has launched Facebook Watch to compete with YouTube and other Video Streaming Services all over the world. On 29th August this program was officially launched. In this programme too, content creators like YouTube can earn money from Facebook by publishing good content. Now Facebook will also provide you as much money as YouTube provides its creators. For this publishers will have to monetize their contents. So let’s know What is Facebook Watch and How to earn money from it?

What is Facebook Watch?

As I have already told you that Facebook Watch is a type of video streaming services which was first launched by Facebook in August 2017 in USA for only a few users. Facebook Watch is a type of video monetization service specially designed for video content creators. Under this videos, there are mini documentaries, live sporting events, streaming of live actions, news videos etc.


Earlier, the company had started this service only for some publishers, but due to its high popularity and demand, the company thought of launching it on a large scale and did so. With this, more and more creators can become a part of this service and they can get the right value for their hard work.

Features of Facebook Watch

Since now Facebook Watch has started its services in almost all countries, so let’s know what features this is going to provide:

1. It offers users personalized recommendations in its Discover tab, which will show recommendations according to their choice, some categories such as “Most Talked About,” “What’s Making People Laugh,” and “Shows Your Friends Are” etc.

2. By subscribing to them, Facebook users will get a chance to connect instantly with their fellow fans through these show-linked groups.

3. During the show,  Facebook users will have access to features such as the live comment section, using which they can chat with other viewers and friends in real-time.

4. With this, users can see all the new videos in their news feed and they do not need to go anywhere else. This watch feed is completely personalized watch feed which can be changed as per your requirements.

5. This is a great way to stay connected with your creators and publishers. Because the videos of all your favourite creators will appear in the watchlist of the watch feed, which you can personalize accordingly.

6. You can also save the videos of your news feed which you do not want to watch instantly, to watch them later.

Has Facebook Watch launched in India?

Friends, it has been globally launched, it has come in the news, but it can not be directly accessed anywhere in India. We hope that the Facebook Video monetization program will be launched in India as soon as possible and we can all use this service. For your information, Facebook has decided to launch it globally and now it is already available in US, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Also now in Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, The Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Thailand became available. Official say that within the next few months, they are going to start this service in all other countries as well, in which India is one such country.

How much will be the Ad Revenue share of Facebook Watch?

It will also monetize content through ad breaks just like YouTube. Its content producing partners will get 55% of the ad break revenue, while Facebook will keep remaining 45% of the revenue itself.

What makes Facebook Watch different from other streaming services?

We all know that the space of streaming video is already crowded, so Facebook will have to adopt some way that will keep it apart from others. Here below, I will focus on some aspects which I think definitely separate Facebook Watch from others.

1. Having original video content, these will be the same contents which can be viewed only by visiting the new tab “watch”. It can not be seen from anywhere else. This sets it apart from others.

2. Since it is monetized with ad breaks, Facebook Watch is completely free service. You will not have to pay any money to watch contents. You can enjoy Facebook watch only by login to your Facebook account.

3. After all, another feature is that Facebook Watch is hyper-personalized streaming platform and no streaming platform has ever done this before.

How will marketers benefit from Facebook Watch?

Everyone knows this things that there are about 1.32 billion users in Facebook who check Facebook on a daily basis. For your information, let me tell you that last month the number of their monthly active users has touched the milestone of 2 billion users. Such huge traffic has to come and go on a daily basis, there the marketers have to take interest. In such a situation, a new feature like Facebook Watch can not be ignored. Facebook can also integrate these watch episodes with news feed, and from these news feed facebook can include many more features which if used properly then on one can stop marketers from being successful.

1. As technology is progressing, more and more people are also turning towards these social media. In such a situation, it is very common things for ads to appear in them. If Facebook has included videos in the news feed, then it is not so easy to loose sight of such ads because video ads are more interesting than normal ads. In slightly longer ads, there are more chances of being effective. With this, if social engagement functionality such as reactions and sharing is added to it, then it will perform much better.

2. It is providing a great platform for all the influencers and social creators to move forward. In this, influencers can join whenever they want and can also leave whenever they want. This is very good for new budding artists, creators, influencers because here you will find many different types of viewers from whom you can know what viewers want to see and what you will have to work more.

Advantages of Facebook Watch

1. In this, the publisher can earn money by placing ads in its contents.
2. The reach of its users will increase to a great extent.
3. There is a very big platforms to start new content creators.
4. More brands will be able to know good creators and publishers, which is going to be very useful for both of them later.
5. Facebook users will also get to see good content videos in their news feed.
6. There will also be good competition between other competitors (YouTube, Instagram, Netflix)

Disadvantages of Facebook Watch

1. Along with good content publishers, some useless creators will also come.
2. Creators will make more long videos only in the greed of money which may not be good to watch.
3. Creators will make videos not according to their own but keeping the brands in mind.
4. Facebook will now only become a money making source which is a bad thing for social networking.


1. What is Facebook Watch?
Ans. It is a type of video streaming service.

2. Can we earn money using Facebook Watch?
Ans. Yes, you can earn money using Facebook Watch.

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