What is Computer- Definition, Features, Types & Uses

Definition of Computer, What is Computer, Types of Computer, Features of Computer, Uses of Computer

What is Computer? Computer is a machine that can process data and perform calculations. The term computer refers to the hardware, software and firmware used to process data. In a simple language, it is a machine that can process data and calculations. The term computer refers to the hardware, software used to process data. Computers have been in use since early 20th century, but they became widespread with the advent of the personal computer in 1980s.

We can call a computer such an advanced electronic device that takes raw data from the user as input. Then processes that data through a program (set of instruction) and publishers the final result as output. It processes both numerical and non numerical (arithmetic and logical) calculations.


What is Computer?

A computer is an electronic device that can be programmed to perform a set of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. This is the easiest answer to what is a computer. A computer has three main components: input, processing and output. Input is usually a keyboard and mouse. The processing component is usually in the form of microprocessor or Central Processing Unit (CPU). Output is usually only display screen, such as a monitor or television.

How does Computer work?

A computer is a device that is used to store, process and transmit data. They are used for anything from storing files and documents to sending emails. It is electronic devices that can store and process data through the use of micro chips. The first computer was invented in the 1940s by a team of scientist led by British mathematician Alan Turing. The computer was designed to calculate artillery tables for the British army. The word “computer” is derived from the word “compute” which means “to figure out”. ,It is have been around since 1938 when they were invented by British mathematician Alan Turing.

Definition of Computer

A computer is an electronic device that manipulates data according to a list of instructions called a program. The term computer has been in use since the early 17th century when it refers to a person who calculates or a person who operates a calculating machine. The term continue to referred to these workers through the 19th Century and into the 20th century until it was later applied to “a machine that automatically calculates”. 

Who invented Computer?

Who is the father of modern computer? So many people have contributed in this computing field. But out of all this, Charles Babbage contributes more. Because he was the first to come out with the Analytical Engine in 1837. The concept of ALU Basic Flow Control and Integrated Memory was implemented in this engine. Based on this model today’s computer was designed. That is why his contribution is the most. That is why he is also known as the “Father of Computer”.

What is the full form of Computer?

Technically, there is no full form of computer. The full form of ‘Computer’ is computer itself, yet there is an imaginary full form of this device.

C- Commonly
O- Operated
M- Machine
P- Particularly
U- Used for
T- Technical and
E- Educational
R- Research

Types of Computer

A computer is a type of machine that people use to calculate information. It is often called the brains of the modern world because they are used in almost every industry and for many different purposes. There are two types of computers- Analog and Digital. Analog computers require less power but require more time to process data, while digital computers require more power but less time to process data.

Whenever we hear the use of the word computer, then only the picture of personal computer comes in our mind. There are many types of computers comes in various shapes and sizes. We use them as per the need, such as ATM to withdraw money, Scanner to scan a barcode, Calculator to do any calculation. These are all different types of computers.

1. Desktop

Many people use desktop computers for their homes, schools and for their personal work. These are designed in such a way that we can keep them on our desk. They have many parts like Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Computer Case.

2. Laptop

You must have known about laptops which are battery powered, they are very portable so that they can be taken anywhere and anytime.

3. Tablet

Now let’s talk about Tablet which we also call Handheld Computer because it can be easily held in hands. There is no keyboard and mouse in it, just a touch sensitive screen which is used for typing and navigation. Example- iPad.

4. Servers

A server is some type of computer that we use to exchange information. For example, whenever we search for something in the Internet, all those things are stored in the server only.

Use of Computer

We have been using computers everywhere in our lives and will continue to do so. It has become a part of us. I have written some of its uses below for your information.

1. Use of Computer in education

They have the biggest hand in education, if a student wants information about something, then this information becomes available to him within a few minutes with the help of this. Research has shown that the learning performance of any student has increased significantly with the help of computers nowadaysis studying can be done by sitting at home with the help of online classes.

2. Health and Machine

It is a boon for health and medicine. With its help nowadays patients are treated very easily. Now is everything has become digital, due to which it is very easy to know about the disease and accordingly its treatment is also possible. Due to this the operations have also become easy.

3. Uses of Computer in the field of science

This is the gift of science itself. This makes research very easy. Nowadays, a new trend is going on which is also called collaboratory, so that all the scientists of the world can work together, it does not matter from which country you live.

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